Since 2 years, I present my custom furnitures line focusing exclusively on the light and the transparency.


With my faux-shagreen production‘s secret, I control the transparency of the material if I accentuate with lightings LED and if I laying and pasting them on surfaces such as glass, plexiglass or polyethylene.


The faux-shagreen then have a white-ivory color when the objects are turned off. Once turned on, the faux-shagreen become translucent and more or less yellow according to the light sources that I propose.



The surfaces of my lamps can be treated in different ways depending on the customer's choice. I propose golden brass trays, thickness 2 mm or eggshells surfaces then varnished in 3 layers crimbed by a brass wire or bronze-tinted mirror tray, thickness 5 mm.


Others formats will be propose very soon. And this material will be declined on others surfaces such as screens, walls ...

gcdkdesign - lamps June 2018.pdf
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Lamps in polyethylene covered with faux-shagreen  - protection in varnish 

Light source : Bulb LED E27 7W -Transparent Electric cable 1,80 m 


Golden brass tray, thickness 2 mm or surface in eggshells inlays crimbed by a brass wire or bronze-tinted mirror tray, thickness 5 mm.